The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 03 – The Pallarbeck: Part I

As Tenaz sat on the floor of the cockpit in meditation, the ship’s autopilot guided itself through the predetermined hyperspace route. Tenaz could feel himself getting closer and closer to Sparzz’s location. In his meditation, Tenaz could clearly see Sparzz’s ship, The Pallarbeck, orbiting above Dagobah’s atmosphere. It was the same ship that had destroyed his home on Dxun, and now it was time for revenge.

The stars surrounding the hyperspace route began to slow, and the ship came out of lightspeed into the Dagobah system. Tenaz came out of his meditation, and went over to the pilot’s seat. He was far enough away from the Pallarbeck that the ship would not have picked him up on their scanners when he exited lightspeed. Enabling the ship’s cloaking device, Tenaz made his way towards the massive battle ship.

Tenaz needed to keep his presence unknown for as long as possible, so blasting through the hull wasn’t an option. He would need to find another way in. As he examined the exterior of the ship, Tenaz could see a small air duct which he would be able to dock with and enter the ship. Tenaz set the ship to auto-dock with the air duct, and threw his robe on over his armor. Tenaz tightly gripped his lightsaber as he eagerly waited for the docking process to finish. Once the ship had completed the docking sequence, the ship’s escape hatch opened and Tenaz began his crawl through the duct.

The air duct was extremely small and far beyond dark, however reaching out with the force Tenaz was able to see every turn in the duct. He could sense an exit to the metal maze not too far from his location, and began to crawl in that direction.

It was difficult to crawl through the small air duct with his armor on, but he was able to make it to an air vent just above a large room on board the ship. He could see that the room below him had three exits, two of which were closed, and was occupied by seven republic troopers. The troopers appeared as though they were fully equipped and ready to defend the ship at all costs, but when Tenaz reached out with the force he could sense that they were still beginners, possibly fresh out of training. He had hoped for a challenge, but they would serve as a good warm up for the larger confrontation he knew he would soon have to face.

Using the force Tenaz lifted a small object and threw it across the room, causing the troopers to shuffle to one side of the room to investigate. As the troopers were distracted Tenaz opened the air vent and dropped into the room, landing behind the troopers. Standing up, he ignited his lightsaber, causing the troopers to turn around.

“Sith!” a trooper yelled.  “Alert the command bridge immed-.” Tenaz lunged forward and cut down the trooper before he could finish his last word. Before the other troopers could open fire, Tenaz was already cutting them down. Taking a huge stride forward with the help of the force, Tenaz decapitated two of the troopers as he held his lightsaber out to his side. Now the firing had started, but the inexperienced troopers were no match for Tenaz’s lightsaber. Tenaz zigzagged his way to the next trooper, dodging blaster bolts as he went. Once he was close enough, Tenaz quickly slashed the man across the chest, putting an end to the small threat he posed.

Turning around Tenaz faced the three remaining troopers. Two stood to his right continuing to fire, and one to his left that had started to charge towards his position. Tenaz blocked the blaster fire from his right and sent a powerful push of the force at the charging trooper to his left, tossing the man across the room. In one quick swift of his hand, Tenaz raised the remaining two troopers into the air. The troopers panicked in confusion as they squirmed in the air. Tenaz threw his right arm back, holding his saber, and then flung it towards the dangling troopers. His lightsaber seemed to have a boomerang effect, slicing the troopers in their chests and then returning to his hand. With the troopers neutralized Tenaz walked over to the one he had thrown across the room. Tenaz could feel the fear coming from the man, fueling his powers.

“I sense your fear trooper” Tenaz said.

“I’m not afraid to die, you Sith scum!”

“I don’t have to kill you to hurt you.” The trooper swallowed hard. “I think it would be in your best interest if you aided me with my task.”

“I will not help you bring harm to the Republic.”

“That’s too bad trooper, this could have been much easier.” Tenaz waved his hand across the trooper’s face. “You will disable all communications onboard this ship.”

“I will disable all communications onboard this ship” the trooper mindlessly said as he stood up and walked over to a command panel. The trooper entered his security code, 0638, and disabled the communications.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Have we located the separatist base yet?” General Sparzz asked the members of the bridge.

“No sir, nothing yet.” A trooper responded.

“We need to hurry; the empire could discover us at any time.” Sparzz armored in his blood red battle armor, walked over to a holo-projection of the world below, and began to study it. “Where are you Cyar’ika?”

“General! We found something. It appears to be a base of some kind, but our scans are indicating that it may have been abandoned, and for some time.”

“It’s a start Commander Turner. Scan the surrounding area and ready the Heavy LaZer. We can’t be too cautious now.”

“Yes sir, I’m on it.” Turner walked over to his command post and radioed the scan team. “Turner to scan team, come in.” The line was silent. “Scan team, this is Commander Turner, do you copy?” – nothing. “Trooper,” turning to the man sitting beside him, “where is scan team?”

“I cannot locate them sir, but it seems that all of our communications are down.”

“Have any alarms been triggered?” Turner asked.

“No sir, everything is appearing normal.”

Hearing the comotion, Sparzz turned around, “Turner!” he shouted

“Yes General?”

“Send a squad down to the command deck and see what they can find.”

“Yes sir, right away.”

“Commander, until they return, stay alert.”

“Yes sir.”


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