The Pallarbeck: Part II (preview)

Here’s a sneak preview of chapter 4

Hope you enjoy!

“Sir,” Jones shouted, “by the command panels!” Jones pointed towards the panels, where he could see the body of a much too still trooper.

“Jones, check that out!” Bossa now feared for his team’s safety as Jones made his way towards the panels. “I’m going to ask you one more time Norrington. What happened to your team!?”

“Sir, with all due respect, I already told you. They’re dead. D-E-A-D, dead! Just like Jones here.” Jones quickly looked back to Norrington when he mentioned his name. In one swift motion, Norrington removed his hands from behind his back, revealing his blaster, and raised it up to shoot Jones square in the chest.

“Jones!” Captain Bossa yelled. The team opened fire on Norrington as if on reflex and quickly put him down. The captain looked over to Norrington’s lifeless body, “What the hell Norrington?” as if the blast filled corpse might answer. Just then one of the commandos alongside Bossa cried out in agony. The commandos turned to see a blade of crimson light impaled through the shrieking commando’s chest. The blast doors behind the commandos were instantly sealed by an unknown force as the back-stabbed commando fell before them, revealing a dark cloaked figure holding a lightsaber. The eight remaining commandos were now trapped in the sealed room with a Sith.

Full story coming this Sunday 4/17/11


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