The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 05 – The Pallarbeck: Part III

The remaining nine assault teams onboard the Pallarbeck now raced through the halls towards Bravo team’s (Captain Bossa’s team) last know heading. The teams searched every room along the way, and with each team consisting of ten men apiece they moved rather quickly throughout the ship. To insure the intruder would not escape, each team had taken a different route – sealing off all paths of escape.

As the teams moved closer and closer to Bravo team’s location their paths began to cross. Now there was three assault teams each equipped with thirty fully armed commandos; Alpha, Delta, and Eco squads.

            Finishing up his check, a commando of Alpha squad exited a room to return to the hallway when he saw a figure at the end.

“Captain, on your nine! Sector seven!” he shouted to the commanding officer. Turning quickly, the captain saw a man running down the hall.

“Open fire men!” the captain ordered as the blaster bolts began to fly. From down the hall the intruder sent a shockwave towards their direction, just strong enough to knock a few commandos off their feet and into other commandos.

As soon as they were up on their feet again, they could see the intruder now running back down the hall.

“We’ve got him on the run men! Follow him to his grave!” The captain shouted and the commandos immediately ran down the hall in pursuit of the man. “There is nowhere to hide scum!”

As the captain ran down the hall with his commandos, he knew even if his squad didn’t catch the intruder one of the other teams would. All the escapes were cut off, the intruder would soon be dead.

Turning the corner the captain and his team entered what seemed like a rancor’s playpen. The room was filed with nearly twenty massacred republic troops all lying in a pool of blood and limbs. Two commandos lay completely shattered within the walls of the room, three more were decapitated, several others were cut in half, and one body seemed as though it was ripped apart with brute force alone.

“What could possibly do this much damage?” the captain said softly. Turning his head he could hear the sound of armor clanking together down one of the halls connecting to the carnage-filled room. Within seconds another commando squad entered the room, all in as much shock as the captain had been when he had first entered.

Just as the second team was entering the room, the third squad made their way in.

“Delta squad!? Eco squad!? What are you all doing? Where is the intruder!?” the captain demanded.

“We followed him down the hall to here sir!” the leader of Delta squad  proudly responded.

“Same here sir! Where did he go? He couldn’t have got past us, there’s no other way out!” Eco squad’s leader said. Suddenly all three doors closed behind the commando squads.

“What happened!?” The captain of Alpha squad shouted to the commandos. “Get these doors open!”

The commandos quickly hurried over to the blood soaked command panel, but quickly realized it was totaled.

“We’re going to have to try and hard-wire the door sir!” a commando said.

“I don’t care what you do, just get these things open! Now!” The captain tripped as he walked away and quickly looked back to what had tripped him. The captain’s eyes bugged beneath his helmet as he saw the device he had stumbled over. Looking around he could see that countless other devices were laid across the walls like wallpaper. “Commandos! You’d better get those doors open fast!” Holding up one of the devices, “This room is covered in charges ready to blow!”

The commandos seemed to double their efforts upon seeing the charges. As their pace quickened their emotions were heightened, turning the commandos more and more hostile towards each other.

“NO! Not that one! This one!…”You’re doing it wrong!…Let me do it!” Constant bickering was all that could be heard as each commando tried to slice the doors their own way.

Suddenly the lights on all the charges simultaneously began to blink quickly.

“It’s too late hit the deck!” the captain of Alpha squad shouted as he dove down to the floor. The speed of the flashes accelerated until all the lights were steady. The commandos all tried to find some sort of shelter or protection, but after a half a second it didn’t matter. The charges went off, and almost instantaneously the commandos, along with most the deck, were completely wiped from existence.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tenaz sent a force wave down the hallway, knocking several commandos off their feet. Now he definitely had their attention. Turning around he rushed back towards the carnage filled room, the clanking of commandos’ armor following him down the hall.

Using the force, Tenaz propelled himself into the air and returned into the air duct from which he originally used to drop into the room. Tenaz waited by the duct’s opening for a moment to make sure his plan was being put into action. He watched as one squad of commandos barged into the room in his pursuit. Even with their helmets on, Tenaz could see that the commandos were shocked by the brutality they saw in the room. Within just a few seconds, the other two commando teams came flying into the room – all the players were in position.

Tenaz could hear the commandos shouting about what was happening around them, and with them distracted Tenaz reached out with the force and closed off the escape routes. Having smashed and then sending 1000 volts through the main computer systems earlier, he knew they would be unable to open the sealed exits.

Time to go. Tenaz thought to himself, and he started down the air duct towards the command bridge.

As he made his way through the duct, Tenaz could still faintly hear the commandos shouting to get the doors open. Hearing the panic and shouting only brought satisfaction to the Sith’s ears and a smirk across his face.

Soon enough Tenaz came across an over-head vent that led to the next deck. It might not be the bridge, but he hated having to wiggle his way through the extremely confined space. He reached out and sensed the area to see if anymore commandos were around – none. Removing the vent above, he exited the metal tunnel and brushed himself off.

Tenaz reached into one of his pockets on his belt and pulled out a small object resembling a metal deathstick. The device had three buttons on it; set, charge, and detonate. The set button was already pressed and was lit green. Tenaz pressed the charge button and it began to blink yellow. The light flashed repeatedly, but Tenaz waited patiently until the light was steady. Once the light stopped blinking he pressed the final button on the object, detonate. The light blinked red three times and all the lights shut off.

Tenaz stood waiting. Suddenly there was a massive explosion as if the ship had been pummeled by a thousand meteors at once. A violent burst of fire came bursting through the floor vent and Tenaz quickly turned away to avoid being cooked. He took one look back at the raging inferno, and made his way towards the durasteel door at the end of the hall.

Lifting his hand, the door rose before Tenaz to reveal his prize. The door had led to the bridge, and now he could see Sparzz conversing with two pilots in front of a projection of the planet below. Tenaz extended his arm out and swiftly picked the two pilots up, and launched them through the bridge windows. Objects were immediately sucked out into space, but the blast shields quickly closed and the room was calm again.

During the short space vacuum Tenaz had caused, Sparzz was thrown on top of the holo-projector. The large man had released his grip from the table, and began to rise just as Tenaz was entering the room.

As he passed through the doorway, Tenaz immediately felt that something was wrong. There was another presence in the room, and it was right behind him. Tenaz quickly turned to see who was there, only to be greeted by an intense flame. He quickly tried to shield himself and turn away, but he knew he had essentially just walked into a blazing furnace.

Unable to run from the flames, Tenaz threw himself to the ground and spun across the floor. Realizing that his robe had been completely engulfed in fire, he shed his robe mid spin and let it burn where it lay.

As he stood up he looked back at the burning robe and then to the source of the flames. At the room’s entrance, he could see a silver armored warrior with an extinguishing flame atop his wrist. Across the warrior’s chest, Tenaz could see a large printed skull, and he immediately knew that this had to be one of Sparzz’s right hand men. Tenaz had been reckless and did not foresee the warrior’s attack – that would not happen again.

“Your quick” Tenaz heard Sparzz say behind him. Turning to face Sparzz, Tenaz saw the same blood-red armored man he had seen in his dream so many times before. “But that pile of burning cloth,” gesturing to Tenaz’s robe, “tells me you’re not quick enough.”

“I got careless Sparzz, but I promise you that won’t happen again.”

“Oh? Well now you have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know who I am, but I do not know you, or why you have ventured onto my ship. So do tell me -.” Sparzz was taken back. “Wait a moment.” Sparzz glared over at Tenaz’s shoulder. “I’d recognize that symbol anywhere,” pointing to his own chest, “you’re a brother.”

“I am no brother of yours Sparzz,” Tenaz lashed back.

“Hmph. The armor…it’s so familiar…NO! That’s not possible! Who are you and why do you wear this armor?” Sparzz asked nervously.

“What’s wrong Sparzz, don’t recognize the face?”

“Fett!? No that’s impossible. I watched you die on Malastare.”

“Sorry General, you’re wrong there. I believe that was my father on Malastare. I on the other hand, my home on Dxun was vaporized by you and this very ship.”

“Your father? Dxun?”

“It’s Tony Fett General, the son of Staten Fett. We presumed him dead with the destruction of the Dxun outpost,” Turner informed Sparzz.

“Hmph. So a Fett lives. The Fett’s always have a funny way of surviving don’t they? Well not this time!” Sparzz shouted as he whipped out his blaster.

Tenaz swiftly ignited his lightsaber and back flipped out of the way of the blaster fire. As he dodged the blaster, Turner had already drew his blaster, and sent a few blasts in Tenaz’s direction. Tenaz made his way to his feet and was able to deflect the blots across the room.

“The Fetts always were a nuisance,” Sparzz commented as he began to unload more blaster fire.

Tenaz continued to deflect the bolts away from himself, but he began to notice Turner had stopped firing, and was reaching for his wrist panel.

Another blast of flames was sent in Tenaz’s direction. Turner smirked to himself as he knew the Sith was toasting under the blanket of flames. Suddenly Tenaz violently thrust through the flames and tackled Turner to the ground, ripping Turner’s wrist panel off his armor. Tenaz stood up and faced the two men.

“I made a few adjustments to my armor,” Tenaz smirked, “Fire proofing is a nice plus.” Turner, in a rage was immediately back on his feet and pulled out a vibroblade as he rushed towards Tenaz. Turner was throwing hard swings, but Tenaz was easily able to block the non-force-sensitive’s strikes. It was easy for Tenaz to defend the strikes, but Sparzz soon started firing his blaster again. Now Tenaz had to block melee attacks and blaster bolts simultaneously. This was taking too much concentration and Tenaz knew it would be very difficult to keep up.

Tenaz made a big leap back and sent a wave of lightening straight into Turner’s helmet, forcing him to drop his assault and grab his head in pain. Tenaz followed up by sending a force wave towards Sparzz, and knocked the man into the wall.

Turner wrestled with his helmet, trying to rip it off. The lightening had completely scrambled the circuits, and now all he could see was black. Tenaz took the opportunity to sneak up behind the man and waited for his moment.

After struggling with the helmet he was finally able to rip it off. Turner looked around the room for Tenaz but saw no sign. Suddenly Turner had the most excruciating pain shoot through his chest which caused him to cry out in pain. Turner looked down to see Tenaz’s crimson blade shining through his chest, and then it was gone. In a last desperate attempt to strike back at the Sith, Turner quickly turned around and tried to lung at Tenaz. He easily evaded the dying man by simply taking a step back, and Turner fell to his knees.

“You… will never win…” Turner said as he looked up at Tenaz. In response, Tenaz simply raised his hand to the level of Turner’s head and twitched his wrist, the darkside snapping the commander’s neck.

Turner’s lifeless body fell to the ground, and Tenaz turned to the wall he sent Sparzz into. Tenaz was shocked when he saw that Sparzz was no longer there. He quickly looked side to side until he heard a sharp whistle from behind him. Tenaz immediately turned around and saw Sparzz standing a few meters away with a heavy weapon on his shoulder. Before Tenaz could even make out what the weapon was, Sparzz fired, and Tenaz was caught in the blast. The blast from the weapon sent him flying across the bridge into one of the larger computers in the room.

Tenaz tried to move but it was useless. He felt as though his entire body had just been paralyzed, and now Sparzz was making his way over to him.

“Biometric technology Fett! The most advanced weaponry in the galaxy and it’s exclusively available to the republic. Hmph. Guess your suit wasn’t that advanced after all. Don’t worry the paralysis isn’t permanent, but you won’t be around long enough to see the effect wear off.” Sparzz pulled out a small blade from a sheath built into the front of his thigh armor.

Sparzz now stood over Tenaz, twirling the blade in his hand. He reached up to his helmet, and with a ‘click,’ released the lock guards. Sparzz removed his helmet and placed it to the side of the computer Tenaz was confined to. Tenaz could now see the face of the man that had been responsible for the deaths of so many of his Mandalorian brothers. By the lines on his face, Tenaz could only assume that Sparzz had to be close to fifty years old. He had a strong jaw that was covered by a short stubble of facial hair. His eyes were a dark brown, but filled with dozens of red lines. Below his left eye there was an old slash scar in the shape of an ‘X,’ and his right eye was half covered by a severe burn scar that seemed to cover the entire upper right part of his shaven head. Tenaz hated the man, but acknowledged that he was a seasoned warrior who had seen much combat over the years.

“This here,” pointing to the massive scar above his right eye, “this was a gift from your father. When I told him we should join with the republic, he refused, and well… things got …‘heated,’” gesturing to the burn again. “Your father didn’t want to see it, but aligning ourselves with the republic was the only way we would of survived the war. He fought me on the issue, but eventually I had to silence him, and now you are going to suffer the same fate. Savy?” Sparzz placed a hand behind Tenaz’s head to hold it up and brought the knife to the Sith’s throat with the other. “I wish you could have seen things my way, but you are just like your father.”



  1. Subscribed to your blog. Just now got around to reading it. Nice story line. I like your characters. Keep up the good work!

    • thanks! glad you enjoyed it. cant wait for your next chapter to be posted!

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