The Pallarbeck: Part 4 (Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview of chapter 6

Hope you enjoy!

Tenaz could feel the dark side flowing through him again, he was still unable to move his body, but he knew that didn’t mean he was completely vulnerable any more for he had his most fearsome weapon back – his mind. As he focused on the force, drawing on the dark side energies all around him, it seemed as though Sparzz had begun to ramble on in slow motion. Tenaz reached out with his mind and lifted his lightsaber up off the ground. He positioned the hilt to the side of Sparzz, just out of the man’s sight.

Sparzz finally stopped rambling and pulled his blade back for the kill. Just as Sparzz was sending his blade back towards Tenaz’s throat, Tenaz spun his saber in the air, and ignited it halfway through the flip. The blade ignited just in time to cut Sparzz’s arms clear off, stopping the man’s knife from penetrating Tenaz’s throat.

“Ahhh!” Sparzz shouted out as his forearms dropped from the rest of his body. The large man fell to the floor, burying his arms into his body. The man’s pain and suffering empowered Tenaz, and he could begin to feel parts of his body again.

Turning his fingers in, he began to make fists and then release them. As he continued to draw on the dark side, Tenaz felt more parts of his body quickly coming back to life. White-knuckling his fists, he summoned up Sparzz’s immense pain, and channeled it into power.

Check back for the full chapter this Sunday 05/01/11


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