The unforeseen Threat: Ch 06- The Pallarbeck Part IV

Tenaz could feel the dark side flowing through him again, he was still unable to move his body, but he knew that didn’t mean he was completely vulnerable any more for he had his most fearsome weapon back – his mind. As he focused on the force, drawing on the dark side energies all around him, it seemed as though Sparzz had begun to ramble on in slow motion. Tenaz reached out with his mind and lifted his lightsaber up off the ground. He positioned the hilt to the side of Sparzz, just out of the man’s sight.

Sparzz finally stopped rambling and pulled his blade back for the kill. Just as Sparzz was sending his blade back towards Tenaz’s throat, Tenaz spun his saber in the air, and ignited it halfway through the flip. The blade ignited just in time to cut Sparzz’s arms clear off, stopping the man’s knife from penetrating Tenaz’s throat.

“Ahhh!” Sparzz shouted out as his forearms dropped from the rest of his body. The large man fell to the floor, burying his arms into his body. The man’s pain and suffering empowered Tenaz, and he could begin to feel parts of his body again.

Turning his fingers in, he began to make fists and then release them. As he continued to draw on the dark side, Tenaz felt more parts of his body quickly coming back to life. White-knuckling his fists, he summoned up Sparzz’s immense pain, and channeled it into power.

Using his new power source, Tenaz catapulted himself up out of the circuit board prison. As he landed on his feet he staggered for a moment, but then caught his balance as the biometric weapon’s effects wore off.

“That’s quite the toy Sparzz,” Sparzz continued to weep in pain on the floor, “but no weapon is significant next to the power of the dark side.” In the upper corner of his eye, Tenaz could see a red blink coming from one of the computer stations. Looking up, Tenaz could see it was the sign of an incoming video comm. message.

“Dam. The command panel. The communications jam must have been deactivated with the explosion down there.” Pondering whether to leave it or not, he felt as though something was compelling him to answer. “Why don’t you just stay right here General.” Sparzz simply continued to bury his arms in pain.

Tenaz walked over to the station and could see the image of a women dressed in beige Mandalorian armor on the comm. screen. She wore the Mandalorian skull on her shoulder, unlike Sparzz’s people who wore it across their chests, so Tenaz was unsure how to approach the situation. If she was a member of the NMO, then by revealing himself to her, he could expose the entire order to the public eye. If she was a true Mandalorian however, then perhaps Sparzz had come here to hunt her and her clan down, just as he had done to Tenaz.

The woman’s helmet was removed and Tenaz could clearly see her face. The mysterious woman had long brown hair that dropped far past her shoulders. Her lips were plump with a peachy tint to them. Her face seemed to have not one battle scar; she looked as though she was more of a Diathim of Iego rather than a human. All this beauty was complimented by her deep green eyes – eyes that had surely helped her bend people to her will.

As beautiful as the woman was, she wore a face that displayed her integrity. Tenaz could see her talking into the comm., but could hear nothing. Feeling as though she was not in league with Sparzz and the NMO, he reached over to the flashing light, and opened the comm. channel.

“Sparzz! I know that’s your ship! Sparzz! Dammit Sparzz, don’t do this!” The woman shouted into her comm. until the image of Tenaz appeared on screen.

“The General is a little…preoccupied right now,” Tenaz responded.

“Preoccupied?! You tell that ugly piece of wampa feces to come down here like a man!”

“I’m sorry miss, but I don’t think the general will be able to join you.” Tenaz grabbed the comm. camera and positioned it over to Sparzz. “Like I said, he’s a little preoccupied.”

“Sparzz?…I’ve never seen that fool in a more appropriate position in my life. Is this your doing?”

Bringing the camera back to himself, “Sparzz knew he would be here one day. I just helped him get here.” Tenaz smirked as he spoke.

Tony Fett, don’t be as stubborn as your father.” Tenaz turned to see Sparzz struggling to rest against one of the computer stations. “With the New Mandalorain Order in league with the republic…no one … no one can stop us.”

Directing the video comm. back towards Sparzz, Tenaz left the mysterious Mandalorian woman, and marched towards the babbling general. Just as he came within an arm’s distance, Tenaz sent a fist backed by the power of the force across Sparzz’s face. There was a loud ‘crush’ as Tenaz’s fist met Sparzz’s jaw and the general was back on the floor.

“You talk too much Sparzz.” Tenaz stood over the battered man and raised him back to his knees with the force. “I wouldn’t be too confident in your words Sparzz. Look around you. Just one Sith was able to destroy an entire battle cruiser full of soldiers. Now imagine the destructive force of an army of warriors like myself.” Sparzz sat speechless. “It’s time you and your sad excuse of an order accepted your fate.”

Lifting Sparzz up with the force, Tenaz held the general so that they were at eye level. Drawing on the dark side, Tenaz unleashed another forceful punch that would of sent Sparzz flying across the room, had the dark side not been holding him in a vice grip.

Tenaz let the dark side take over his body, his anger and rage controlling his actions. With the full power of the dark side backing his every punch, Tenaz continuously pounded his fists into Sparzz’s face. With each fist flowing right into the next, the assault appeared to be endless. Each time Tenaz made contact it seemed as though more blood would spew from the man’s now disfigured face.

Tenaz landed one more hook across Sparzz’s face, and released him from his force hold. The beaten general fell up against another command panel and used it to hold himself up.

“Tony Fett…don’t…don’t do this,” the general muttered out.

Tenaz bent down to Sparzz and placed a hand on the man’s shoulder. “Sparzz,” Tenaz said softly as he looked him in the eyes, “Tony Fett died on Dxun months ago.” Tenaz slid his hand down Sparzz’s shoulder to his freshly amputated arm. “You killed him,” he tightened his grip on the open wound, “and when you did you released me; Darth Tenaz.”

Tenaz once again channeled his hate and anger towards Sparzz, but this time he released it in the form of crackling violet lightening. As he sent vicious waves of the violet lightening through Sparzz’s stump of a right arm, Tenaz dropped his other hand down to grip Sparzz’s other arm. Now with both hands gripped into Sparzz’s flesh, Tenaz sent a massive electrical maelstrom pulsing through Sparzz’s entire body.

Sparzz had no energy left to even scream out in the undoubtedly massive agony he was in, as his face went from pale and deformed to blackened and deep fried. Releasing the charred man from his grip, Tenaz watched as the blackened Sparzz fell back, towards the floor. Although he was dead beyond a shadow of a doubt, his body continued to jump and twitch as remaining violet bolts could be seen jolting through his body.

“You and your order are a joke Sparzz,” Tenaz said as he turned away from the general’s convulsing body. Tenaz walked over to one of the few remaining command consoles, and entered the security code he had learned from Norrington earlier, 0638. Norrington’s security clearance gave him access to whatever he would need from the ship, but only one thing interested Tenaz. He activated the self- destruct sequence on board the Pallarbeck, and turned to walk away. Tenaz turned his head back slightly as he heard his name called in the distance.

“Tenaz! Wait!” It was the Mandalorian woman on the video comm. that had still been running. She had seen him unleash the power of the darkside, and yet she still called out to him. Even though he wanted to learn more about her, he had no time to stay and talk. Soon the whole ship would be blown to pieces and Tenaz did not plan on being among the debris. He turned his head back towards the bridge door, and proceeded to leave – the woman still calling out to him in the background.


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