The unforeseen Threat: Ch 07 – Return From the Dagobah System

As Tenaz sped through hyperspace he noticed the light on the comm. link blinking. He pressed a button on the panel and the device came to life. A hologram of Captain Torigac, an Imperial Agent within the order, now stood before him.

“Darth Tenaz, I hope your mission was a success. I come to you with some unfortunate news however. There has been an incident with Darth Neeru. It seems that on his last mission, he and his team were ambushed by a republic fleet, with the aid of Mandalorian warriors. The team, along with Darth Neeru have all been listed as K.I.A. Darth Vandin has requested that you return to the academy immediately so that he can speak with you.” – End Transmission.

“Master Neeru… dead? This isn’t possible.” Tenaz slammed a fist down in rage, destroying the comm. unit. “I would have felt something in the force if he was killed. Neeru is too cunning to have been killed. If anyone could find a way out of a bad situation, it was him. Where did you go Master? Maybe someone at the academy could tell me the mission location.” Reaching to activate the comm. Tenaz realized he had bashed it in his rage, rendering it completely useless. “Looks like I’ll have to return to the academy now.”

* * * * *

Tenaz walked through the halls of the academy towards his master’s quarters. As he looked inside he saw what he was expecting, but not what he had hoped for, Neeru was not there. Entering the room he could tell Neeru hadn’t been in for a while. Tenaz went to the center of the room and sat down. He began to meditate, focusing on any glimmer of his master’s presence.

Tenaz was surprised when he was able to quickly find his master. Finding him alive wasn’t what had surprised Tenaz, but rather that he had found his master so quickly. Tenaz focused harder and suddenly he could see himself meditating on his master’s floor, and a faint hum he was all too familiar with could be heard. Tenaz now knew what was going on.

Tenaz dropped his meditation and opened his eyes to be greeted by his master clothed in the armor of a republic trooper charging straight at him, his lightsaber burning red in his hand. Tenaz quickly summoned his lightsaber up and blocked his master’s overhead blow just in time.

“Tenaz” Darth Neeru simply said as the blades were locked together.

“Master. I was wondering when you were going to come back.” Tenaz said with a smirk as he kicked Neeru’s legs out from under him. Neeru quickly recovered from the kick but it cost him some space, enough to allow Tenaz to get to his feet. Now the two stood apart in the room with lightsabers ready.

A moment passed and Tenaz went in for the first strike. Tenaz engaged his master with a powerful upward strike followed by an even stronger downward strike. Neeru went into a defensive stance and continued to block his apprentice’s repeated attacks. The attacks rained down like a storm but Neeru was able to successfully block them all, but not without giving up some distance between himself and the wall.

Neeru had to change to the offensive side of the battle if he was going to get away from the wall, so he made a daring move. In the middle of one of Tenaz’s downward strikes, Neeru was able to land a solid kick in Tenaz’s chest followed by a powerful force push that sent Tenaz a few meters back.

Neeru charged towards Tenaz, but Tenaz was already back in position and sent a wave of force lightening at his master that Neeru easily blocked. Using one hand to block the storm with his lightsaber, Neeru sent his own wave of lightening at Tenaz with the other. Tenaz had not been ready for the attack, and the lightning struck him directly in his left shoulder causing him to drop it along with the maelstrom he was sending towards Neeru. Tenaz tried to raise his arm, but it was completely numb and unable to move. Not letting his immobile arm stop him, Tenaz was back in position once again and ready for an attack.

“Still want to keep it up. Honorable.” Neeru said with a smirk. He proceeded to reach behind his back, “Hmph, you forget Tenaz, I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know.” Neeru removed his hand from behind his back to reveal his second lightsaber. “Honor is a fool’s prize Tenaz. Glory is of no use to the dead!” He switched on the second blade and sprinted towards Tenaz.

Suddenly Neeru was everywhere, and Tenaz could barely keep up. Neeru had been moving so fast that it seemed as though there was more than one, lightsaber blows coming from every direction. Unable to use his other arm to launch any kind of counterattack, Tenaz could only attempt to block the repeated strikes his master was throwing at him. Tenaz had to think of something that could put him on the offensive or at least stop Neeru’s massive flurry.

Thinking back to the Pallarbeck, Tenaz recalled all the pathetic republic troops he had slaughtered throughout the ship; Jones, Norrington, Captain Bosa, Commander Turner, and the dozens of nameless troopers and commandos onboard. Every cry began to resonate in his mind, fueling a rage. Tenaz focused on drawing every last bit of their agony and then it hit him. The image of Sparzz’s decapitated body lying lifeless on the ship’s floor was the final piece he needed, and he unleashed his fury.

Tenaz channeled all the death and carnage, into one massive explosion from within himself and it sent Neeru flying across the room, ending the agile master’s flurry.

If Neeru had not thrown up a force shield in time he would have been vaporized faster than the Drexl on Dxun. Neeru looked around and could only see debris filling every inch of the room. Neeru remained in a defensive stance, waiting to see if his apprentice would attack through the smoke and debris. The smoke quickly began to settle and Neeru could see Tenaz standing on the other side of the room. Tenaz held his left hand up, clenching and then releasing his fist.

“Well…not everything master.” Tenaz said with a smirk. With that, the two ran towards each other in the center of the room. Both master and apprentice clashed their sabers with a powerful force. Now they stood with their sabers locked, each pushing towards the other to gain the advantage. Neither was able to gain the upper hand, they were matched. One would have to wait to see who gave out first.

“That’s enough.” a voice called from the doorway. The two looked over to see both Vandin and Malus standing at the door, not looking too happy. Tenaz and Neeru both dropped their sabers to their sides. “Tenaz I thought you were told to come and see me when you returned from your mission?”

“I’m sorry Master Vandin,” extending his hand towards Neeru, “something got me a little caught up.”

“It’s alright Tenaz, but come with me. We need to speak.” Vandin said sternly as he left the doorway and headed down the hall, Tenaz following behind.

“Neeru,” Malus said, “I have heard rumors about your encounter on Rhen Var. I believe its time you were debriefed so we can clarify what it is that we are up against.”

“Yes Lord Malus.” Neeru said as he followed Mauls out of the room.

Down the hall Vandin could faintly be heard speaking to Tenaz, “…a special proposition for you if you are interested.”


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