It’s time for …

It’s time for a come back! First off, I dont want anyone to think that I have stopped this epic tale. I have still been working tirelessly on turning out new pages to add in, I just have stopped posting them. But never fear – and here’s my second piece of news – I am making my triumphant return to the online community! Yes, I’m back, and as my first order of business, be on the look out for a whole new layout for both the order of the website as well as each chapter.

Then, once everything is polished to a brilliant new shine, the new adventures can commence – its very exciting!

I have a lot of new and great ideas that have been brewing since we last met, and I cant wait to share them with you!

And for some fresh new material from some fresh new faces, be sure to check out, my new friends;

the Writers’ Society


The Old Republic RP Wiki

A while ago, some fellow guilidies and I went out and created wiki pages for each of our characters on “The Old Republic: Role Playing Wiki.” Together we worked on posting a wiki page for the guild as a whole and individual pages for each of our characters. Like my story, which will be posted periodically, it’s a work-in-progress. Even though I believe I’m very descriptive in my writing, the Darth Tenaz Wiki may help you create a better picture in your mind of what both Darth Tenaz looks like as well as the rest of the characters. Many of the character links can be found on the guild’s wiki, TOSL Wiki. Enjoy.

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