The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 05 – The Pallarbeck: Part III

The remaining nine assault teams onboard the Pallarbeck now raced through the halls towards Bravo team’s (Captain Bossa’s team) last know heading. The teams searched every room along the way, and with each team consisting of ten men apiece they moved rather quickly throughout the ship. To insure the intruder would not escape, each team had taken a different route – sealing off all paths of escape.

As the teams moved closer and closer to Bravo team’s location their paths began to cross. Now there was three assault teams each equipped with thirty fully armed commandos; Alpha, Delta, and Eco squads.

            Finishing up his check, a commando of Alpha squad exited a room to return to the hallway when he saw a figure at the end.

“Captain, on your nine! Sector seven!” he shouted to the commanding officer. Turning quickly, the captain saw a man running down the hall.

“Open fire men!” the captain ordered as the blaster bolts began to fly. From down the hall the intruder sent a shockwave towards their direction, just strong enough to knock a few commandos off their feet and into other commandos.

As soon as they were up on their feet again, they could see the intruder now running back down the hall.

“We’ve got him on the run men! Follow him to his grave!” The captain shouted and the commandos immediately ran down the hall in pursuit of the man. “There is nowhere to hide scum!”

As the captain ran down the hall with his commandos, he knew even if his squad didn’t catch the intruder one of the other teams would. All the escapes were cut off, the intruder would soon be dead.

Turning the corner the captain and his team entered what seemed like a rancor’s playpen. The room was filed with nearly twenty massacred republic troops all lying in a pool of blood and limbs. Two commandos lay completely shattered within the walls of the room, three more were decapitated, several others were cut in half, and one body seemed as though it was ripped apart with brute force alone.

“What could possibly do this much damage?” the captain said softly. Turning his head he could hear the sound of armor clanking together down one of the halls connecting to the carnage-filled room. Within seconds another commando squad entered the room, all in as much shock as the captain had been when he had first entered.

Just as the second team was entering the room, the third squad made their way in.

“Delta squad!? Eco squad!? What are you all doing? Where is the intruder!?” the captain demanded.

“We followed him down the hall to here sir!” the leader of Delta squad  proudly responded.

“Same here sir! Where did he go? He couldn’t have got past us, there’s no other way out!” Eco squad’s leader said. Suddenly all three doors closed behind the commando squads.

“What happened!?” The captain of Alpha squad shouted to the commandos. “Get these doors open!” Continue reading