The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 09 – Betrayal?

Aside from the few candles that were lit alongside the walls, the giant room was pitchy. Whenever the council would meet, they always met in the darkness so they could be in total connection to the force. When there were no distractions, just the blackness of the air around you, one could completely open his mind to any and all possibilities. Now, as he sat on the floor of the council’s chambers, Tenaz was opening his mind to the idea that the republic may soon have a way to quell the Sith. He had come face to face with the technology that threatened the existence of the order and had failed to realize the true threat it had possessed. He had been so wrapped up in his vendetta with Sparzz that he couldn’t see that the man was only a part of a much larger picture.

“Where do we go from here Master Vandin? What’s our next step?” Tenaz spoke with a certain demanding tone as he questioned the dark figure before him.

Vandin reached into his robe and removed a datapad. “We’ve found several republic bases, all with the size and capabilities needed to produce a weapon such as were up against.” He handed the datapad to Tenaz to look over, “We plan to launch assaults on each of these bases until we find what were after.”

ImageTenaz stared down at the datapad before him. He flipped through it’s digital pages slowly, studying each base and thinking of quick attack routes. Each base seemed as though it was heavily guarded, but that did not matter to him. Feeling his hatred for the republic flow through him like a Nabooian waterfall, he felt whatever defense the base would put up would not be enough to stop his fury. Continue reading


The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 08 – Looming Shadows

Bleeea-duooh-aaahhhaaa… Bleeea- dooouh-ooouh…. Ooo-ahh-baa-haa…

The data droid continued to transfer it’s recordings into the lab’s mainframe computer. Within seconds there was video-playback on screen.

The video displayed a darkly armored man snapping the neck of Liam-wil Turner onboard the Pallarbeck. The dark man had never touched him – it was a Sith. As Turner fell to the floor the Sith spun around as a whistle was heard to the side. Now General Sparzz could be seen holding a prototype biometric launcher on his shoulder. Sparzz fired the weapon and it sent the Sith flying into a command console.

Sparzz walked over to the dark-armored Sith and they conversed for a moment. Behind Sparzz an object could be seen levitating and in an instant it flipped in the air and shot out a long crimson blade, severing the general’s arms. Seconds later the Sith could be seen jumping out of the command console, staggering to his feet.

“That’s quite the toy Sparzz, but no weapon is significant next to the power of the darkside,” the Sith shouted out just before he walked over towards the recording unit. As he pressed a button, the recording equipment shut down.

“The weapon is still not ready.” A man in a white lab coat stated as he switched off the monitor. “We need to find a way to cut them off from the force.”

“With all due respect Master Henaat, we just don’t have that kind of technology,” a scientist tried to reason. “How can you stop a Sith from channeling the force? All they have to do is think it, and they can do anything.”

“Well if we knew that, we wouldn’t be here my friend,” Master Henaat stated as he turned back towards his lab team. Henaat had a young face, but his long silver hair looked as though it was colored by the wisdom of many years. His hair flowed just past his shoulders, but on top it was spiked like a crown. The style gave him a look as though he was a genius, and that his knowledge was the greatest weapon one could possess.

“My friends,” he said as he extended his arms, “you are not like the Jedi & the Sith, or even the commandos. One could say, that you are mere mortals, but that does not mean you do not play a major part in this war. Anything that has advanced this war has come from you, the scientists. When the republic needed a way to heal troops in battle, we engineered the bacta packs. When they needed a larger radius attack, we gave them the EMP cannon. If it was not for us, especially this lab, they wouldn’t even have their advanced cortosis armor. All these technologies that the republic sought, and believed was impossible, we gave them. So when they ask us to design a weapon targeted for use against the Sith, and you say it’s impossible, I say it is just another day at the office for us.”

The team of scientists went wild with applause as their leader encouraged them from the video platform.

“Study whatever this little guy has for us,” gesturing to the data droid. “When they ask for the impossible, it’s our job to give it to them, so we will find a way.”

The scientists continued their applause as Henaat finished his speech and stepped down from the platform. As he began to walk through the scientists, they went back to their work stations. Henaat made his way through the crowd, and headed to the sole door occupying the rear wall of the lab. Swiping his security key through the reader, the door opened with a “swish” before Henaat, and he was granted access into his personal study. As he walked to the back of the office he placed his hands on his desk and rested for a moment.

They want to cut a Sith off from the force? How do they expect me to do that. All they have to do is think something and… “All they have to do is think it!” Master Henaat jumped back from his desk and ran to one of his many book shelves in the study. He scanned the shelf and quickly pulled out a thick spine, hide bound book, and threw it on the desk. He quickly opened the tomb and began searching the pages rapidly. “All they have to do is think it,” he repeated with a grin. Continue reading

The unforeseen Threat: Ch 07 – Return From the Dagobah System

As Tenaz sped through hyperspace he noticed the light on the comm. link blinking. He pressed a button on the panel and the device came to life. A hologram of Captain Torigac, an Imperial Agent within the order, now stood before him.

“Darth Tenaz, I hope your mission was a success. I come to you with some unfortunate news however. There has been an incident with Darth Neeru. It seems that on his last mission, he and his team were ambushed by a republic fleet, with the aid of Mandalorian warriors. The team, along with Darth Neeru have all been listed as K.I.A. Darth Vandin has requested that you return to the academy immediately so that he can speak with you.” – End Transmission.

“Master Neeru… dead? This isn’t possible.” Tenaz slammed a fist down in rage, destroying the comm. unit. “I would have felt something in the force if he was killed. Neeru is too cunning to have been killed. If anyone could find a way out of a bad situation, it was him. Where did you go Master? Maybe someone at the academy could tell me the mission location.” Reaching to activate the comm. Tenaz realized he had bashed it in his rage, rendering it completely useless. “Looks like I’ll have to return to the academy now.”

* * * * *

Tenaz walked through the halls of the academy towards his master’s quarters. As he looked inside he saw what he was expecting, but not what he had hoped for, Neeru was not there. Entering the room he could tell Neeru hadn’t been in for a while. Tenaz went to the center of the room and sat down. He began to meditate, focusing on any glimmer of his master’s presence.

Tenaz was surprised when he was able to quickly find his master. Finding him alive wasn’t what had surprised Tenaz, but rather that he had found his master so quickly. Tenaz focused harder and suddenly he could see himself meditating on his master’s floor, and a faint hum he was all too familiar with could be heard. Tenaz now knew what was going on. Continue reading

The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 02 – Commencement

Before I knew it, we were coming out of hyperspace. In the distance I could see a planet that seemed as though it was covered entirely by desert. This had to be Korriban, the planet where I would begin my training.

During our flight Darth Neeru had told me that Korriban is one of the original home worlds of the Sith, and buried under the millennia old deserts I would find the tombs of these Sith. Perhaps the darkness of these ancient Sith would still be present in the tombs, just as it had in Freedon Nadd’s back on Dxun. If I wanted to learn all I could about the force and the darkside, I would have to find some of these tombs.

“Tenaz,” I heard Neeru say, “the power of the darkside that you felt back on Dxun will be insignificant next to the power you will witness on Korriban.” Just then, as if on cue, I began to feel the darkness emanating from the planet below, even though we were still a good distance from the surface. Feeling the power from the planet below made me feel only one thing- hunger. Hunger to take in as much of it as I could, so that I could master the darkness for myself.

As we began our descent to the planet’s surface all I could see was desert. Suddenly I watched as the desert floor began to open beneath the ship. As I tried to make sense of what I was seeing it became obvious to me. It was a ship hanger, which was hidden beneath the surface of the desert planet. Neeru brought the ship down into the hanger with ease.

From inside the ship I could see a countless number of ships, many resembling Vandin’s “Diemos.” Besides the one-manned starfighters, there were also many other ships, all seemingly serving a different purpose. There were several ships that I believed to be transport ships. Each looked as though they could hold as many as twenty to thirty troops at a time. There were also several heavier armed ships, possibly to lead an onslaught of the smaller ships into battle. In an area all their own, I saw many different types of speeder bikes, all which looked as though they were customized to the rider’s comfort and liking.

Pulling me away from my daze, I heard the release of the ship’s ramp as my entrance into the desert world was opened. I followed Neeru as he led me down the ramp and through the massive hanger. As I walked through the hanger, I realized that it was even bigger than I thought when I was still in my seat. As we approached a massive durasteel door, Neeru simply wiped his hand across the air as if to move something out of his way, and the larger door opened with ease.

I followed Neeru down a dark corridor until we came to a stop in front of a smaller durasteel door. Standing there I became more aware of my surroundings. I could feel how dense the darkness was here, craving to be used – to be used by me.

Continue reading

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