The unforeseen Threat: Ch 07 – Return From the Dagobah System

As Tenaz sped through hyperspace he noticed the light on the comm. link blinking. He pressed a button on the panel and the device came to life. A hologram of Captain Torigac, an Imperial Agent within the order, now stood before him.

“Darth Tenaz, I hope your mission was a success. I come to you with some unfortunate news however. There has been an incident with Darth Neeru. It seems that on his last mission, he and his team were ambushed by a republic fleet, with the aid of Mandalorian warriors. The team, along with Darth Neeru have all been listed as K.I.A. Darth Vandin has requested that you return to the academy immediately so that he can speak with you.” – End Transmission.

“Master Neeru… dead? This isn’t possible.” Tenaz slammed a fist down in rage, destroying the comm. unit. “I would have felt something in the force if he was killed. Neeru is too cunning to have been killed. If anyone could find a way out of a bad situation, it was him. Where did you go Master? Maybe someone at the academy could tell me the mission location.” Reaching to activate the comm. Tenaz realized he had bashed it in his rage, rendering it completely useless. “Looks like I’ll have to return to the academy now.”

* * * * *

Tenaz walked through the halls of the academy towards his master’s quarters. As he looked inside he saw what he was expecting, but not what he had hoped for, Neeru was not there. Entering the room he could tell Neeru hadn’t been in for a while. Tenaz went to the center of the room and sat down. He began to meditate, focusing on any glimmer of his master’s presence.

Tenaz was surprised when he was able to quickly find his master. Finding him alive wasn’t what had surprised Tenaz, but rather that he had found his master so quickly. Tenaz focused harder and suddenly he could see himself meditating on his master’s floor, and a faint hum he was all too familiar with could be heard. Tenaz now knew what was going on. Continue reading