The Unforeseen Threat: Ch 09 – Betrayal?

Aside from the few candles that were lit alongside the walls, the giant room was pitchy. Whenever the council would meet, they always met in the darkness so they could be in total connection to the force. When there were no distractions, just the blackness of the air around you, one could completely open his mind to any and all possibilities. Now, as he sat on the floor of the council’s chambers, Tenaz was opening his mind to the idea that the republic may soon have a way to quell the Sith. He had come face to face with the technology that threatened the existence of the order and had failed to realize the true threat it had possessed. He had been so wrapped up in his vendetta with Sparzz that he couldn’t see that the man was only a part of a much larger picture.

“Where do we go from here Master Vandin? What’s our next step?” Tenaz spoke with a certain demanding tone as he questioned the dark figure before him.

Vandin reached into his robe and removed a datapad. “We’ve found several republic bases, all with the size and capabilities needed to produce a weapon such as were up against.” He handed the datapad to Tenaz to look over, “We plan to launch assaults on each of these bases until we find what were after.”

ImageTenaz stared down at the datapad before him. He flipped through it’s digital pages slowly, studying each base and thinking of quick attack routes. Each base seemed as though it was heavily guarded, but that did not matter to him. Feeling his hatred for the republic flow through him like a Nabooian waterfall, he felt whatever defense the base would put up would not be enough to stop his fury. Continue reading